SER is member of Fondazione CAVOUR

SER has always been a promoter of initiatives that have as their ultimate goal the enhancement of the local cultural heritage, from which the choice to support and become part of the historical Cavour Foundation.
In 1947 the marquis Giovanni Visconti Venosta gave to the city of Santena the Cavour Castle as a gift, the work of the architect Francesco Gallo and built between 1712 and 1720. His wife Margarita Margherita founded in 1955 the Camillo Cavour Foundation to fulfill the will her husband’s testament, with the aim of preserving, valorising and managing a dwelling that represents an authentic home-museum in which the Benso di Santena family has lived for many generations, then from 1649 also Cavour’s Marchesi, and represents the way of being the leaders of Piedmont Savoy, in its transformation towards the Risorgimento.
The Cavour Foundation promotes Cavourian studies and every other initiative aimed at deepening and spreading the knowledge of Camillo Cavour’s work and his teachings. It organizes exhibitions, conventions, seminars and shows, contributing to making the Cavourian Complex a point of reference for European national culture.