SER is associated with EWF European Wax Federation

EWF represents the European wax producers, refiners and blenders as well as associated members from outside Europe.

In its more than 30 years of existence EWF has been a forum on regulatory and technical affairs related to natural and synthetic wax.

Wax is a collective term for a range of natural or synthetically derived substances used in a wide variety of applications, among the foremost in importance are candles, packaging, rubber, plastics, polishes, anti corrosives, cosmetics, inks and paints.

EWF key objectives:

  • to bring together the European companies manufacturing or blending wax and having their own
    organisation for the marketing of these products in Europe
  • to provide a forum for debating questions, problems, facts and topics arising during the manufacture,
    storage, transport use and disposal of waxes, particularly the developments of regulatory affairs in the EU
    (Technical, Statistics, Customs) as well as any other subject relating to the interests of the group
  • to ensure that the views of EWF are made known to other technical groups and organisations, official
    bodies, and national and international authorities, especially those involved in framing regulations.