SER is associated with ECA - European Candle Association

The European Candle Association (ECA) is an alliance of the biggest and most reputable candle manufacturing companies in Europe. Together, its members represent more than two thirds of the European candle production and they produce high-quality candles in 11 European countries.

The European Candles Association pursues in particular the following main goals:

  • Maintenance and further development of safety, health and environmental protection
  • Maintaining and increasing quality of the candles
  • Information about and participation in legal developments and proposals
  • Identification of new raw materials and development of new technologies

As the collective voice of the European candle industry it is the association´s explicit intention to actively seek and further improve the communication with all market participants on all aspects of high-quality candles as a product.

Also thanks to ECA manufacturers, retailers and consumers shall continue in future to experience lots of pleasure from one of the oldest and most atmospheric consumer goods in the world – the candle.