In the summer of 2003, SER acquired CERERIA SGARBI S.p.A. and PRICE’S PATENT CANDLES LTD., two prestigious companies in the European candle market, market leaders in Italy and England respectively. The goal of the acquisition was to create an innovative brand recognized internationally across the candle industry.

Morever, PRICE’S PATENT CANDLE is awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant, which gives us the 
right to use the logo to badge the products, an endorsement of the highest quality of our candles.

Further in 2012, followed the acquisition of the French company Chauvin Agro, market leader in the wax industry for agriculture and, after a year, the acquisition of Parafinas Quintanar and Quimiwax, operating in the cosmetics and hot-melt sector.

To date, the SER group affirmed itself internationally, becoming the European leader in the specialty waxes sector and World leader in cheese coating waxes.

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